Meditek http://www.meditekstairlifts.com/ourstairlifts.php
Manufacturer of the Meditek 160 stair lift, our best selling battery operated lift.
Hawle http://www.hawle-lift.com
Manufacturer of the Treppenlifte
Platinum http://www.platinumrails.com/home-users/home-users.html
Manufacturer of custom curved-rail stair lifts.
Mac’s http://www.macsliftgate.com/porch_lifts/index.html
Maker of the Mac’s PL-series vertical platform lift.
the Multi-Lift http://www.accessunlimited.com/html/multi-lift-home.html
A portable personal transfer lift system for use in both the home and in vehicles.
Cambridge http://www.cambridgeelevating.com/decklifts.html
Manufacturer of vertical platform lifts and elevators.
Sterling http://www.sterling-stairlifts.com/products/stairlifts/index.html
Maker of straight and custom stair lifts
Harmar http://www.harmaraccess.com/index.html
Manufacturer of stair lifts, vertical platform lifts, and other mobility products
Savaria http://www.savaria.com/products/wheelchair-lifts/index.php
Manufacturer of the ES-125 incline platform lift, the V-1504 vertical platform lift, and the B.07 and Stepsaver stair lifts.


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