Transfer Lifts

Prevent injury for both clients and their caregivers with a transfer lift.

Ceiling/Overhead Track Lifts

Ceiling LiftWe carry ceiling lifts manufactured by Waverly Glen. Ceiling mounted lifts, also known as overhead lifts and track lifts, consist of a battery powered hoist or cassette that is guided by an overhead track system to lift, transfer, and transport clients with physical limitations to and from a bed, toilet, bath, chair, etc. These lifts can also be used to lift a user who has fallen to the floor. Ceiling mounted lifts are raised and lowered by a motor that is activated via a control panel on the hoist or a handheld remote controller. Ceiling lifts utilize a sling or harness to support residents as they are lifted.

We offer both fixed and portable type lifts. Portable units offer the ability to detach the lifting motor unit from one track and place it on another; however, they lack the ability to provide motorized travel along the track system (only lifting up and lowering down, side to side movement is accomplished manually, usually with the help of a caregiver). Fixed systems, in which the lifting motor unit is permanently installed on the track, are capable of moving laterally along the track, driven by the lift motor, as well as lifting and lowering the user.

The Multi-Lift System

Another transfer lift solution we offer is the Multi-Lift personal transfer lift system by Access Unlimited. A single, easily portable lift provides transfers virtually anywhere: in vehicles of all types, in the bathroom, bedroom, or any in-home location. As an added benefit, none of these applications require significant structural modification to the vehicle or home.